Welcome to the universe

So.. Welcome to my blog~! I will mostly just be posting random stuff from my daily life. Some can be really cute and girly, with sparkles and glitter, cute room decorations, outfits.. Other times it will be about music, books, games and comics.. As the title says, welcome to the universe.. My universe~ <3

Ask me anything  

How I decided to start my day~ Actually, that turned out to be a really bad idea, since I’m absent from school.. Due to a stomach.. *Facepalm* Anyways, they tasted good, so when I ate them, I didn’t really regret, now I do.. I also watched fish hooks while eating it.. Totally funny! That show is seriously underrated! And my foot hurrrrts~…! >____<

Yup.. It’s broken.. Kinda sucks.. -.-‘


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